Raffi's Show

Raffi is an animated series for preschoolers that takes us through the adventures of Raffi the dog and Ema his sister living on a city farm. In the show kids will learn how food really grows - not in the supermarket!

Corderolobo Arbol (Visual Album)

Arbol is a 30 min long Visual Album for the band Corderolobo. The animated film screened and launched in the prestigious Art Center GAM in Santiago de Chile. The film features the everyday life of people before attending a CorderoLobo's show.


Tom is a forest ranger. His home - the Patagonian forest - has been destroyed by a terrible fire that almost wiped it out completely. Tom is committed to rebuilding the forest piece by piece from the ashes and bringing back the splendor and magic that was lost.


It’s an imaginative story with psychedelic experiences about a character who decided to leave the party and go back home. His way back is laden with colorful flashbacks and hallucinations revealing details from that night.

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